Who Are We

Vibrant. Bold. Elegant. Sexy. Cute. Cool.


Artisan jewelry design at it's most conscious and vibrant detailing by jewelry designer Patty Overby with uniquely creative designs in each piece. What makes each piece so stunning and unique? Creative flow with free form to create a uniquely you experience! Isn't that what we are all about? Our unique balance within ourselves! Our jewelry boasts aromatherapy benefit options to Steampunk designs in our Lariat necklaces and bracelets made with love just for you. The utmost quality materials and care go into each and every piece to produce your next wearable art piece with optional essential oil usage benefits that you may have at home, such as lavender oil for creative motivation for those days you are feeling your inside master artist is ready to shine!

Our Passion is to adorn women and men with wearable pieces of vibrant, colorful art to bring out their creativity or whatever mood they wish to bring about to complete their stride for each day they wear it.

We handcraft each piece made to order and each piece is created and designed in the USA from designing idea to actual construction of the final product.

Our motto is to design and produce each piece with quality and care with a timeless and modern flare.

Sterling Silver Linings Jewelry Line is derived from natural beads, stones and the utmost quality sterling silver available. With a history of attention to detail and a creative nature, Patty started the jewelry line to show the world America can make again and Maker's Gonna Make along with producing art pieces that are in it's most natural form to design and create a line for the wearer that says, "This is me!"